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About GabtMotors Welcome to our homepage! We are a small company in Latvia specializing in selling titan valves and detais, auto, motorcycle and retro tuning and engine head renovation and restoration. Perhaps, our product range is not the widest one, but it has been improved continuously and details offered are reliable, having proved their quality in real world-class engines. The vast majority of our customers are racers and mechanics, who are sure about what they want. As our experience shows, if you ask ten specialists the same question, you will get ten different answers. We sell details and build engines. We are sure about the high quality of our products, because they have passed durability tests on Dyno stand and in real racing. Feel free to contact us via e-mail or make a call. GabtMotors has been an official partner and representative of 'COMPDVIG LLC, TITANIUM VALVE' in the Baltic States since 2005.
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