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Mechanical tuning and engine restoration Engine power and turning torque can be increased up to 30-40% by modifying an engine mechanically. This is reached through engine boosting. The extent of modifications depends on your wishes and capacities. We also offer non-standard solutions for car part restoration and reworking.
Engine head repairs - valve seat refit Engine repair after valve breakage, damaged and worn-out valve seat refits, full restoration and channel finishing.
Polishing, weight reduction and balancing of engine shafts and flywheels Preliminary treatment, correction, polishing, finishing and balancing of engine shafts and flywheels. We strike life into them!
Testing, chemical cleaning and ultrasound cleaning of gasoline engine blowpipes (injectors) Correct operation of engine relies heavily on the evenness of fuel spraying. While operating and using non-qualitative fuel injectors coke up which leads to irregular operation of engine. We offer full service of petrol blowpipes: testing, chemical cleaning and ultrasound cleaning, filter and rubber part replacement.
Forged and cast piston production Engine parts - pistons, piston seals and dungeons, bushings, valves and any connection rods - for retro and modern engines. The life and reliability of offered parts is proven in most severe conditions.
Testing and selection of GRM springs Selection of springs is necessary to provide a uniform operation of the whole gas distribution mechanism.
Head porting and testing on FLOWbench Our long-term experience in channel finishing, angle optimization and channel section allows take the maximum readings of engine power and turning torque for any auto racing, bike racing and dragrace activities. All channels are tested on FLOWbench.
Installation of electronic units KORVET and adjustment on DYNO stand Engine control units "Korvet" are assembled from special industrial parts with consequent unit check at every stage of assembly. This makes "Korvet" product a market leader in sense of price/quality ratio. Cheap units like Vems, Megashivt, Geims, KMS are assembled from common parts and belong to a lower class. "Korvet" units are continuously improved. Designer`s support and software are at your service to adjust your engine and reach its maximum.